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Trusted Advisor- Choosing the Right Support Plan for Optimal AWS Security and Cost Savings


The vast potential of the cloud comes with a responsibility to manage it efficiently and securely. AWS Trusted Advisor is your silent watchdog, constantly scanning your resources and whispering recommendations for cost optimization, performance improvements, and enhanced security. But with two support plans offering access to Trusted Advisor, which one unlocks the full set of its functionalities and empowers you to truly master your cloud environment?


Enter the Powerhouse Duo:

Both AWS Business Support and AWS Enterprise Support grant you access to the full gamut of 115+ Trusted Advisor checks spanning crucial categories:

  • Cost Optimizers: Identify idle resources, right-size instances, and uncover hidden savings opportunities.
  • Performance Enhancers: Boost application responsiveness, eliminate bottlenecks, and scale efficiently.
  • Resilience Champions: Fortify your infrastructure against disruptions and build fault-tolerant systems.
  • Security Guardians: Patch vulnerabilities, tighten permissions, and keep your cloud fortress secure.
  • Operational Excellence Trailblazers: Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and achieve operational nirvana.


Beyond the Checks: Where the Paths Diverge:

While both plans provide equal access to Trusted Advisor's wisdom, they differ in terms of proactive intervention and personalized support:

  • Business Support: You're the captain of your ship, navigating insights from Trusted Advisor at your own pace.
  • Enterprise Support: Sit back and let AWS proactively monitor your resources, alerting you to potential issues and recommending solutions before they turn into problems. Imagine having a 24/7 cloud guardian watching your back!


Beyond Proactive Monitoring:

Enterprise Support unlocks additional layers of support:

  • Prioritized Technical Support: When you raise an issue, it jumps to the front of the queue, ensuring swift resolution.
  • Dedicated Account Team: Your own AWS experts become your trusted advisors, providing personalized guidance and tailoring solutions to your specific needs.


Choosing the Right Plan:

The ideal plan depends on your needs and budget:

  • Business Support: Perfect for cost-conscious organizations seeking self-driven optimization and general best practice recommendations.
  • Enterprise Support: Ideal for high-stakes environments demanding proactive monitoring, rapid issue resolution, and personalized guidance.



  • Both plans offer the full set of Trusted Advisor checks.
  • Enterprise Support elevates the experience with proactive monitoring, prioritized support, and dedicated account guidance.


Invest in your cloud success. Choose the right AWS Support plan to unlock the full power of Trusted Advisor and navigate your cloud journey with confidence, security, and optimal cost efficiency.


Bonus Tip: Explore the free Basic and Developer Support plans, which offer limited access to Trusted Advisor checks for a taste of its potential.


This blog should help you make an informed decision about choosing the right AWS Support plan for maximizing your Trusted Advisor experience and building a secure, cost-efficient cloud environment.