Siju Padmalochanan

(MSc- University of West London)

Transforming dreams into digital reality

Enabling the transformation of dreams into digital reality within the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector.

Hello, I’m Siju Padmalochanan, a Certified Solutions Architect with over 15 years of expertise in the BFSI sector. I specialize in cloud technologies, including AWS, Azure, and IBM Cloud, and have a proven track record of enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs for various organizations. Explore my journey, insights, and services to discover how I can help your business thrive in the digital era.

Practice Area


Innovative Banking Solutions

With a focus on developing robust banking applications and systems integration, I have successfully implemented cloud-based solutions for financial institutions, improving data accuracy, and enhancing security compliance. My projects include:

  • Internal bridge application for Cyprus based bank. to update customer and collateral information.
  • Developing secure and efficient banking systems using AWS, Azure, and IBM Cloud.


Transforming Insurance with Cloud Technology

I have engineered various cloud-based insurance applications for B2B and B2C markets, boosting efficiency and scalability.

Key projects include:

  • Developing B2B/B2C cloud insurance applications for Atlantic Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Reconfiguring web applications to microservices for Trust International Insurance Co.
  • Implementing serverless insurance applications, driving revenue growth.


Empowering Financial Systems

I bring deep expertise in tax systems, payroll solutions, and financial systems integration.

My experience spans:

  • Crafting cloud payroll software, significantly reducing tax processing times.
  • Optimizing property management systems, enhancing operational efficiency for rental properties.
  • Leveraging modern technology to boost revenue for financial institutions.


Hands-on Expertise and Projects

My practical experience spans across multiple domains,


  • Developing IoT platform solutions for data analysis and sensor integration.
  • Creating rig inspection and maintenance software for the oil and gas industry.
  • Building CRM systems, apparel warehouse management, and more.



A Journey of Innovation and Excellence