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AWS Artifact is a centrally managed repository for storing, managing, and accessing compliance documents, such as reports, certifications, and policies. It provides a secure and convenient way for organizations to store and access their compliance requirements and evidence.


How AWS Artifact Works

  1. Upload Compliance Documents: Organizations can upload compliance documents to AWS Artifact directly from their local computer or from an S3 bucket. This allows for easy storage and organization of compliance information.
  2. Search and Filtering: AWS Artifact offers a comprehensive search function that enables users to find specific compliance documents based on keywords, document type, date, and other relevant criteria. This streamlines the process of locating the required documentation.
  3. Download and Sharing: Once a document is identified, users can download it directly to their local computer for offline access or share it with authorized individuals within the organization or with external stakeholders.
  4. Versioning and Tracking: AWS Artifact supports versioning of compliance documents, allowing organizations to maintain historical records and track changes over time. This provides transparency and traceability for audits and compliance reviews.
  5. Archiving and Organization: Organizations can archive compliance documents that are no longer actively needed, keeping their AWS Artifact repository streamlined and organized. This ensures that the repository remains focused on current and relevant documentation.
  6. Security and Access Controls: AWS Artifact is integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), providing granular control over who can access and manage compliance documents. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure and only accessible to authorized individuals.


Benefits of Using AWS Artifact

  1. Centralized Storage: AWS Artifact provides a centralized repository for compliance documents, eliminating the need to maintain multiple copies or scattered files across different systems.
  2. Simplified Management: AWS Artifact streamlines the management of compliance documents by offering features like versioning, archiving, and search capabilities.
  3. Enhanced Security: IAM integration ensures that compliance documents are protected with appropriate access controls, preventing unauthorized access or data breaches.
  4. Compliance Automation: Organizations can automate the retrieval and distribution of compliance documents through AWS Artifact, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
  5. Compliance Reporting: AWS Artifact can generate reports on the compliance documents stored within the repository, providing organizations with a comprehensive overview of their compliance status.


Example : AWS security and compliance documents


In summary, AWS Artifact serves as a valuable tool for organizations seeking to manage and maintain their compliance documentation effectively. Its centralized storage, streamlined management, enhanced security, and compliance automation features contribute to improved compliance posture and overall efficiency.


By Siju